This is our blog site. Here, you'll find blog posts written by our lawyers. The blogs cover different areas of the law. This site provides only general information. The stuff we write here is not a substitute for legal advice. Every case is different. The outcomes are different when the facts are different. . 


Business Law

Our business law attorneys discuss various topics of Idaho business law. The topics include the recent changes to Idaho Code related to entities and general questions we get on a regular basis.



Our attorneys address topics related to homeowner's associations (HOAs). These topics include the levying of fines, recording liens and meetings of the HOA. 


Immigration law 

Our immigration attorneys discuss topics related to immigration law, including the latest changes to the law and frequently asked questions about immigration law.



Our litigation attorneys provide insights on litigation in Idaho. This blawg includes developments in the law and frequently encountered questions that arise about litigation. 


Real Estate law

Our real estate attorneys provide insights on real estate law in Idaho. The topics include easements, purchase and sales and title issues.


Wills and trusts

Our estate planning attorneys address frequently asked questions about estate planning and new developments in the law.