Family Law Mediation


We help families resolve disputes through mediation.

Family law mediation is a process where a couple meets with a third-party to address and resolve issues. The process is client focused. The mediator may explain the law and legal process, but the mediator does not advocate for one party.

The goal is to reach a settlement to avoid the time, expense, and emotional stress of court. 

Mediation is common in divorce and child custody matters. It is also helpful in in areas such as pre- or post-nuptial agreements and paternity matters.

Couples with low conflict and reasonably good communication may choose mediation as an efficient way to navigate and resolve family law issues.

Couples with more significant conflict or who struggle to communicate effectively may find mediation beneficial as a means of problem-solving, reducing conflict, and breaking impasse.

If you have questions about family law mediation, feel free to contact us.