Family Law


We help clients deal with issues arising from domestic relationships of all kinds, including marriage, domestic partnerships, civil unions, and other family structures. 

Dissolution of these relationships through divorce or separation is what we commonly do. 

This also involves figuring out child custody and visitation arrangements, division of assets and liabilities between the parties, and spousal alimony and child support. Some of the other issues we deal with are:

  • domestic violence
  • paternity
  • annulment
  • termination of parental rights
  • pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements

We are experienced in dealing with the highly complex financial questions that arise in family law. We know when to get outside experts involves to address tax law as it pertains to alimony, support, asset allocation, filing status, and dependency exemptions. 

We understand balance sheets and income statements, retirement plans, asset valuations (including business valuations), health insurance following divorce, bankruptcy and how it affects the couple, wills and trusts, and real estate. 

We know that family involves psychological impacts on everyone involved, including the extended family. Our goal to reach a result that achieves a better tomorrow for our client. 

Not only do we have the substantive knowledge of the law, but we know how to listen, counsel, and defuse conflict. We work hard to get the case done as fast as possible with the best possible result for our client.

If you have questions about family law mediation, feel free to contact us.