A Closer Look at Washington State’s HB 1110

Jun 20, 2023 | Business, Labor Law, News

In April 2023, Washington State passed House Bill 1110 (HB 1110), which aims to address the state’s need for increased housing availability and affordability. The bill focuses on promoting middle housing – such as duplexes, triplexes, townhomes, and accessory dwelling units – in areas that have historically been zoned exclusively for single-family detached housing. The bill is meant to create greater housing density, provide more affordable housing, and foster more inclusive communities, all in an effort to tackle Washington’s housing crisis and create more equitable living opportunities for its residents.


HB 1110 Details

HB 1110 requires all cities with a population between 25,000 and 75,000 to allow for:

  • At least two housing units per lot, or at least four housing units per lot within a quarter mile of a major transit stop.
  • At least four housing units per lot if at least one of the units is affordable housing. 


Cities with a population of 75,000 and over must allow for:

  • At least four housing units per lot, or six housing units per lot within a quarter mile of a major transit stop
  • At least six housing units per lot if at least two of the units are affordable housing. 


Cities that are under 25,000 but are within an urban growth area, must allow at least two housing units per lot. HB 1110 also specifies requirements for affordable housing units, as well as setting forth certain exemptions.


How will HB 1110 affect homeowners’ associations? (HOAs)?

An HOA typically governs a planned community or a subdivision consisting of single-family homes, townhouses, or sometimes both. The association is responsible for maintaining common areas and amenities within the community, such as parks, swimming pools, landscaping, and road maintenance.

HB 1110 will apply to the governing documents of HOAs that are created after the effective date of July 23, 2023. This means that HB 1110 will not apply retroactively to HOAs with preexisting governing documents that allow zoning for single-family homes only, and those HOAs will be exempt. HOAs governing documents created after the July 23, 2023 effective date may not prohibit additional housing units as required under HB 1110.

If you need assistance understanding how your HOA may be affected by this new law, contact our office. 

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