We are business lawyers, but we are also entrepreneurs. So we like to work and hang out with entrepreneurs. This is why we practice business law, and this is some of what we do:

Entity Formation

We form corporations and limited liability companies. We write corporate bylaws and LLC operating agreements. Well, we don't actually write it from scratch every single time. That would take a long time. We start with our form, which we are constantly updating and improving. 


We write a lot of agreements. Agreements to employ people. Noncompete agreements and asset purchase agreements. Mergers and acquisition agreements. Lease agreements and well sharing agreements. Road use agreements and joint venture agreements. You name it, someone in the firm has drafted it.

Corporate Law

We advise on Idaho corporate law. This includes both corporations and limited liability companies. We assist clients with conversions of one entity to another entity. We help domesticate a foreign entity to Idaho. We give advice to boards of directors and managers of limited liability companies on the law. We dissolve entities and wind them up. We help company's buy and sell assets. We help companies merge. We help companies buy and sell other companies. We keep companies in compliance with the filing requirements of the Idaho Secretary of State.

Uniform Commercial Code

We understand how the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) affects business in Idaho. We give advice on the sales of goods and secured transactions. We draft agreements for the sale of goods and security agreements for lenders. We prepare descriptions of collateral for UCC-1 liens.

Other Business Law

In addition to specific areas of the law that can be put into categories, we give general guidance to small and medium-sized businesses. In the past, this advice has covered issues related to sexual harassment in the workplace to bankruptcy. We assisted in the transfer of liquor licenses.

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