We Represent Lenders

We represent lenders who need to foreclose. We handle both judicial foreclosures and nonjudicial foreclosures of real property and personal property.

Judicial Foreclosure

In the judicial foreclosure, we prepare and file the complaint for foreclosure. We typically file a motion for summary judgment. If summary judgment is not granted, we try the case. After obtaining a judgment, we oversee the execution (i.e., collection) of the judgment by the Sheriff. 

Nonjudicial Foreclosure

In the non-judical foreclosure, we handle preparation of all of the notices. We ensure all the necessary parties are notified of the sale. We attend the sale on behalf of the lender. 

Deficiency Actions

We also assist lenders in pursuing deficiencies after foreclosure. A deficiency occurs when the market value of the property foreclosed is less than the amount of debt. The difference between the two is the deficiency. This is collected through a judgment entered by the court.

Personal Guarantees

In some cases, we pursue collection under personal guarantees. In Idaho, a guaranty may be pursued before or after foreclosure. There is no requirement that the foreclosure occur before an action under the guaranty is filed. Once judgment is entered on the guaranty, we move forward with collection of the judgment.

Attorney Fees and Costs

In most cases, attorney fees and costs are awarded or added to the amount owed.

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