Smith + Malek helps clients with homeowner's association (HOA) law in Sandpoint and Bonner County, Idaho. The number of issues that arise with HOAs are about as varied as any area of the law. We help clients with:

Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions

We draft covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) for new developments. We review CC&Rs to make sure they comply with Idaho law. We advise on enforcing CC&Rs. This includes counsel on how to levy fines in compliance with Idaho law. We also handle lawsuits about the interpretation and enforcement of CC&Rs. 

Counsel to Boards of Directors

One of the key areas of our practice is advising boards of directors on how to navigate the statutes that govern them. The areas of law that may apply to an HOA are the Idaho nonprofit corporation act, the unincorporated nonprofit association act and statutes that regulate how fines can be levied. We also draft and review bylaws to make sure they comply with recent changes in Idaho law.

Rights of Members

The rights of members of an HOA are also governed by several areas of Idaho law. We provide counsel to members who find themselves sideways with an HOA. This includes defending members from illegal actions by the board of directors of the HOA. 

Contact an HOA Attorney in Sandpoint

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