Jillian H. Caires

Attorney at Law

Jillian Caires is a law nerd. She loves practicing law, and aside from having Martha Stewart’s job, there is nothing else she would rather spend her days doing. As an attorney at Smith + Malek, Jillian’s practice focuses on complex real estate, business, and Indian law matters.

Jillian’s practice is primarily transactional, but her competitive nature and inability to resist a good legal argument, occasionally bring her into the courtroom. Jillian is currently the president of the First District Bar Association.

When Jillian is not working to make tomorrow better than today for her clients she can be found at home refereeing playtime, experimenting with recipes inspired by her favorite cooking shows, watching her chickens peck around the yard, and tending to her flower garden.

Contact Jillian

p. 208.215.2411
f. 208-215-2416