Learn the basic legal requirements needed to start an LLC and avoid common pitfalls facing first-time entrepreneurs.

As a next generation business law firm that started in 2015, we’ve stood in your shoes. Starting a new venture is never easy, particularly in the early days, when you effectively serve as your own marketer, bookkeeper, financial analyst, not to mention salesperson. Law firms aren’t exactly known for being innovative (most of the big ones in Idaho are nearly a century old!), and when you’re just starting out, you need a guide who understands how to help you efficiently so that you can scale the business of your wildest dreams. 

When our clients turn to us for legal advice, many of them don’t know what they don’t know. They may not understand the difference between an LLC and an S-Corp, let alone the tax implications of which they choose to set up. If they have a business partner, they may not have an official operating agreement, which can cause major headaches (not to mention lawsuits) down the road when you are ready to sell the company or take on investment capital. 

We’ve taken the most common problems we solve for individual clients and wrapped them up into an easy-to-digest webinar to help you get started on your journey. This webinar is geared toward those in Idaho and Washington who’ve been in business for 1-3 years, including those with a “side hustle” they’d like to make full-time, as well as those planning to start a business in the near future.


 Small Business Law Clinic: What Every Small Business Owner Should Know When Starting their Business


     What you’ll learn when you attend the virtual Small Business Law Clinic: 

    • Why we suggests LLCs over any other entity and how to set one up
    • What’s in a typical operating agreement and why you need one 
    • What happens if you don’t have an operating agreement 
    • Exactly what you should do from creation to sale if you’re planning to sell your business down the road 
    • Answers to your most burning legal questions about setting up your business.
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