Build a sound legal strategy so you can focus on what matters.

The governing board and executive team at your health center need access to accurate legal information about state and federal regulations so that you are best positioned to thrive through significant changes.

From riding out a workforce shortage to attracting and retaining employees for the long term, your legal strategy can help your health center excel. With an experienced legal team, you’ll come away with a legal strategy that aligns with human resources goals and the latest federal regulations so you can carry out your mission of delivering quality care for all. 

A sound legal strategy can help align your organization at all levels, allowing your federally qualified health center (FQHC) to do what it does best: provide quality care to your community. 

Having worked with federally qualified health centers across the West, we have the experience to give you the confident legal foundation you need to fulfill your mission of providing quality care for all people. We understand the unique challenges you face as a federally qualified health center. We help our health care clients with a broad range of services so they can carry out their mission of providing quality care for all. 

When you work with Smith + Malek, our collaborative team understands the nuances and requirements your federally qualified health center faces. Our team is equipped with legal knowledge specific to FQHCs. 

Below are some of the legal services we provide for FQHCs.

Strategic Planning 

  • Providing legal counsel to your board  
  • Helping with executive compensation and review 
  • Aligning your vision with your policies and goals 
  • Keeping up with regulatory requirements, such as annual FTCA coverage requirements

Site Visits

  • Understanding the importance of and preparing for site visits 
  • Preventing HIPAA breaches, policies that lead to poor outcomes, and improperly documented terminations through proper planning 

HR + Compliance

  • Helping you stay focused on your mission 
  • Providing legal guidance for contracts, acquisitions, and policy creation 
  • Preventing regulatory sanctions and/or litigation

Executive Compensation Planning 

  • Planning for and understanding compensation at high-levels of your organization
  • Quickly securing the best talent to forward your mission and goals 
“Healthcare is a complex world and when you add community health,it’s a bit more challenging. Smith + Malek has helped us with contracts, malpractice, problem solving, and brainstorming with HR. They work with our board as legal counsel as well. That’s been great. The people are amazing. You can always depend on them. They really care about the work we do. It feels more like a partnership than ‘I’ll go call my attorney.’ I feel like I can call them for anything.”
—Mike Baker, CEO, Heritage Health

“I’m motivated by the same thing as Smith + Malek’s healthcare team: we want to help health centers thrive. Period. It’s clear to me that their culture is to help their clients, and those values are in-step with ours.”

—Alan Pruhs, Executive Director, Association for Utah Community Health