Tara Malek Shares Keys to Building a Successful Law Firm in Authority Magazine

Sep 15, 2022 | Business, Litigation, Smith + Malek

Tara Malek, co-owner and chief litigator at Smith + Malek, was recently interviewed by Eric Pines for Authority Magazine on the five necessities for creating a thriving law firm. As the 2022 winner of Boise Young Professionals’ Best Next Generation Workplace award for its positive culture and commitment to community, Smith + Malek demonstrates excellent attorneys do their best work when valued as people, too. 

Founded in 2015, Smith + Malek has three offices in Boise, Spokane, and Coeur d’Alene, and is planning for future expansion. In the article, Tara shares about growing the litigation team from one to ten, beginning a mentorship program at the firm, and the impact of gender discrimination in the legal industry as well as some of the sexism she has faced in her career. 

Tara explains why compassion, tenacity, and the ability to set goals to reach a clear vision are essential to leading a fast-growing business law firm. While legal skills can be taught, character cannot, and Tara and the firm’s co-owners prioritize that first when hiring (and firing). Tara also addresses some of the unique benefits Smith + Malek offers to support working parents and women in building their career in law. 

Whether you’re considering striking out on your own or searching for an employer who cares about you as a human, not just a rainmaker, Smith + Malek is a model and resource for attorneys committed to making tomorrow better. 

Read the article in its entirety here.