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Chris Kmoch is a Boise-based attorney licensed to practice in Idaho.

Our mission of making tomorrow better deeply aligns with Chris’ values. He chose to pursue a career in healthcare law because he hopes to use his legal education, skills, and experience to make a positive difference in his community. 

He’s most excited about the opportunity to be a change agent for his clients and help solve their problems, making his client’s tomorrow better. 

Passionate about the legal industry because it’s a profession where he can continuously learn and be challenged, Chris is a bright graduate of the University of Idaho College of Law.  

During law school, Chris participated in pro bono work with the Ada County Elections Office, the ACLU of Idaho, and the Idaho Military Legal Alliance. Chris was also awarded the University of Idaho College of Law Alumni Achievement Award and named the Chief Managing Editor of the Idaho Law Review. 

Outside of work, Chris enjoys hiking, skiing, camping, scuba diving, traveling, and listening to live music. When he’s not out on an adventure, he’s exploring with his Catahoula leopard dog, Merle, playing golf, and reading. 

What’s a life goal you have? 

To become a private pilot. I am a licensed student pilot currently taking lessons to make this dream come true! 

If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be? 


Name the person, living or passed on, famous or not famous, that you admire most.

Abraham Lincoln.