What to Expect After the Letter of Engagement

Dec 20, 2023 | Business, Smith + Malek

New clients tend to knock on our door when something significant is happening to them or their business. It can be an overwhelming time, as legal statutes are complicated, legal analysis is demanding, and a sense of urgency may permeate the matter at hand. 

Though each matter is perfectly unique, we follow a standardized process to complete work that meets our client’s needs once a letter of engagement is signed.

To demystify that legal process and help change the world for the better, here are the steps you can expect once a letter of engagement is signed.

Many Attorneys to a Team

Once we receive an engagement letter from the client, a team of attorneys and legal assistants is created to support the work. At Smith + Malek, we work in teams because we believe that collaboration benefits our attorneys and clients, too.

This approach also means that if one of our attorneys falls ill or takes a vacation, the work can continue to move forward while they rest. We are proud of our team-based environment because working collaboratively means we are more likely to succeed in fulfilling our mission: to change the world for the better.

The Analysis Begins

After an executed letter of engagement is on file, the team begins working on the matter outlined in the scope of representation. Legal research and analysis help us gain a full understanding of the legal context for the work and how best to meet the client’s goals.  

The legal analysis may look different for every matter, but in most cases, our team will need to review the relevant statutes as well as the client’s documents, which could include Operating Agreements, CCRs, Bylaws, Partnership Agreements, and more.

After reviewing the law and the client’s documents, our attorney(s) will begin drafting a memorandum of their research, an agreement or contract, and/or other supporting materials. The specific materials drafted are based on the client’s needs and the scope defined in the engagement letter.

Throughout the entire process, our team maintains open communication with the client and provides updates or asks questions that may arise when working through their matter. The client can reach out at any time if they have more information or would like to discuss details with their legal team.

Lock It In

Once the work is complete, clients receive a draft of the work that was done for review and approval. This is to ensure accuracy and that expectations are aligned.

As soon as the client approves of the work, we send the final copy for execution or implementation. After a few weeks, we follow up in case there is anything else the client needs, whether it’s related to the work that was recently completed, or something else entirely.

This process does look slightly different across our different practice areas. But for all teams and attorneys in the office, we draft a scope of representation in the engagement letter and work diligently to stick to that agreement. A new engagement letter is outlined if additional work is requested or necessary.

We are proud that our clients help make the world a better place and are here to help them succeed. From entire healthcare systems to coffee shops, and construction companies to restaurants, we don’t just work for our clients, we care for them and stop at nothing to be a force of justice and goodwill in the world. 

If you are interested in working with us, please call us or email us at contact@smithmalek.com.